Service of Process Abroad

A huge chunk of my practice arises from inquiries lawyers send through this blog– and it stands to reason.  Look over to the right  and you’ll see our contact information (scroll all the way to the bottom if you’re on a phone or tablet).  In a perfect world, we’ll get a chance to talk on

An interesting quandary pops up fairly regularly, and I find myself explaining the issue so frequently that it warrants a post.  [TL;DR… in the U.S., corporations and other entities created pursuant to statute have registered agents.  Elsewhere– and I mean just about everywhere else– the same types of entities only have registered addresses.  You

Yabba. Dabba. Doo.

“The defendant works at…”

Hmm.  Do you happen to have a home address?

“No, just his office.”

Let’s hope he’s there.  And that we can get in the door…

That exchange happens between lawyers and process servers daily.  And it’s a challenge, because defendants can’t be served