New Orleans, Louisiana— I’ve written previously about my insistence that lawyers should outsource their international work.  I’ve also modified my thinking a bit, at least as far as nomenclature of the idea, opting instead to call it subcontracting.  At ClioCon this morning, Clio’s CEO, Jack Newton, offered a brief synopsis of his

Canal Street, New Orleans

Peggy and I are in New Orleans this week for the Clio Cloud Conference (ClioCon, for short), in the hope of picking up some knowledge about the massive changes underway in the legal tech industry.  To be sure, mine is a very odd practice, and

[Originally published at  Author’s note: Whether in state or federal court, the plaintiff absolutely must be cognizant of e-service’s invalidity under the Hague Service Convention, even contrary to some very bad, no good, horrible case law.]

A debate is simmering in the service of process community, and should come to a rolling