We have a pretty straightforward view of notarization in the U.S. and Canada … you sign a document, and a notary stamps & signs the same document, pointing to your signature and saying “yep, that’s the person who signed this.”  It’s a handy tool for verification whenever the document needs to be used in court

[Author’s note:  I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter universe, and I fell in love with J.K. Rowling long ago; Peggy understands my affection, and would happily trade me for a sneak peak at Jo’s next manuscript.  The new “prequel” really is fantastic.  Go see the movie, buy the script… immerse yourself

It certainly wasn’t a slow weekend in global politics.  New Zealand’s exceedingly popular Prime Minister announced his retirement, Austria’s voters barely shunned a return to power by the hard right, and Italians rebuffed an arguably critical spate of constitutional reforms, prompting the resignation of their own popular PM.  So, what to make of these stories