Bodo Akdeniz, via Wikimedia Commons.

Add me to the list of those mourning– and lauding– the great Terry Jones (he of nude organist fame), who wanted to be remembered more for his scholarship than his comedic genius.  That term, genius, is bandied about far too much these days, but Jones and his co-conspirators really were so far ahead of their time that they cannot be considered anything else.  True geniuses, all.  Well, except Cleese– he’s just a grumpy old bastard with some talent.  And a very odd gait. 
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From his firm bio.

Tom Pickert was an outstanding lawyer, by all accounts around the local bar.  Our paths never crossed, at least as recollection says, but our circles overlap considerably.  Word of his death came via the listserv of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, just as a few