We’ve noticed an uptick recently in product liability claims and patent infringement suits against foreign automakers– in particular the German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and its U.S. subsidiary. The question that arises daily around here, and the question that drives everything we do, is this: how do we get these guys served?

Fortunately, it’s not a difficult undertaking with a German defendant, especially one as well known as the folks represented by that fancy, three-pointed star. If you’re going after Mercedes-Benz Group AG, you’ve essentially got three ways to have service effected:

  1. Tap us on the shoulder for bespoke attention—and probably some amusing commentary to boot (see the upper right if you’re on a desktop, or way down below if you’re on a phone/tablet),
  2. Cruise over to the Hague Envoy platform at USM94.com to automate the completion of your forms– and provide self-help instructions– in perhaps twenty minutes or so, or
  3. If you’re feeling froggy & would like to handle the whole thing yourself, see my earlier post How to Serve Process in Germany.  It lays out the framework you’ll need.

A few things to note, though…

That’s the nutshell view. Serving in Germany is almost always a straightforward undertaking, but questions are always welcome.